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Occupational Therapists

Deals with workplace health and safety, rehabilitation, and assists people to achieve independent living.


Occupational therapists are trained professionals, who use a variety of meaningful activities by means of assessments and treatments that help and develop skills to make basic living better by eliminating barriers that prevent daily activities.


Occupational therapy can be beneficial to adults and children. Adults with problems in general activities at home and work, with permanent disabilities, chronic illnesses, the effects of accidents and injuries, developmental lagging, physical disorders and mental problems. Focuses on the patients current problems and works towards their goals to make daily living easier. It is also used for children as young as the pre-maturely born baby all the way up to children in their late teens.


Occupational therapy focuses on developmental milestones and skills that are expected in adults and children. Many of the techniques employed by occupational therapists involve teaching the patient the necessary skills, playful activities, games, arts and crafts, use of specialised equipment, tools, toys and engaging activities to develop skillsets to live a better independent life.

    • Information gathering
    • Assessment of physical, emotional, cognitive and social development by interviewing and the use of various assessment tools
    • Assessment of functional skills
    • Assessment of scholastic skills such as writing speed, pencil and scissor grip and perceptual development
    • Play and social skills
    • Sensory abilities and functions such as touch, balance etc.
    • Behavioural responses
    Following the assessment, the outcome will be discussed regarding the patient and a written report will be given, indicating the results with the necessary recommendations. With the patients, permission this report will be distributed to the professionals involved with physical therapy, speech therapy, nursing, social work, and the community.
    • Provision of home programmes
    • Recommendation of equipment to support skills and learning
    • Direct therapy with the patient
    • Individually therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Appropriate referral when and if necessary
    A patient will be discharged from therapy when:
    • Potential has been achieved
    • When the patient is no longer benefiting from the therapy
    • Parents wish to terminate therapy
    • Patients goals has been reached
    • The correct improvements has been accomplished
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Occupational Therapist Natalie Powell - Alberton Gauteng




Occupational Therapists in South Africa, listed according to their areas.


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